15 Smart Strategies To Grow Your TikTok Account in 2020 & Beyond


TikTok is one of the modernism and most celebrated social platforms apps by the young audience. TikTok has more than 800 million active users worldwide, and 2 billion people have downloaded it. It sounds good right, TikTok is the most entertaining stage at the same time; you can use this platform to showcase your talent. TikTok keeps on growing, and it never fails to impress the audience with its funny and exciting features. It is the perfect stage to build brand awareness and tremendous engagement with the right audience.

TikTok is open for business marketers to advertise their products and brands in an exciting way. TikTok users get entertained, and within 15-60 seconds, they have to get informative content. Once you step into TikTok, get aware of features on TikTok and then plan to enhance your profile in an attractive way.

Once you have acquired the idea of social media apps working, your next goal is to develop your profile. How will you do it?

Here are the smart strategies on how to develop your TikTok profile in the upcoming years.

1. Create Friendly Profile Picture

We hope you know about creating profile pictures using other social media networks to develop your brand or business. You can get attention for your videos if you set a captivating profile picture.

If you need to grab people to your account differently, you can also set a video as a profile picture.

2. Mark Right Profile

You all already know that TikTok is a useful tool to construct your brand exposure. Your profile must look friendly and easily approachable so that more content will get noticed by your audience. Coming to your profile description, keep it more relevant, informative detail. You can add details of yourself, include your website links, call-to-action. Be original and clear in what you have mentioned in your profile. Please have a look at many influencers in your industry so that you could learn from them.

If your profile description is appealing, you can get more people to stay in your content for a long time. Don’t forget what you need to communicate and be original as well.

The best idea to bring a compelling profile is to check out the influencer’s profiles on TikTok and gather points from them. You can also use a CTA(Call To Action), which gets your audience to your content. You cannot place a link to your TikTok content right now, but it will change in the future.

3. Share Your Social Media Networks

If you need to bring the audience from your other social media network to your great TikTok content, you should include all your social media accounts to your profile on TikTok. There is no better way than this, gaining your existing followers from other media to your debut TikTok profile.

If you want to drag people from other social media communities, then you have to promote your TikTok channels on different media. Follow the same username you have created on all other media so that people can recognize you easily. By sharing your TikTok on various social media, you can bring your existing followers on TikTok too. You can place your TikTok account on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. Additionally, you can cross-promote your video content on other channels. It gives more possibility to get your video content viral outside TikTok. When people are attracted to that particular video content, they will search for you on TikTok to follow your account. Don’t forget to advertise your video content on all social media.

4. Grab Best Influencers

Though there are celebrities in large numbers on the platform, a few TikTok influencers have acquired a vast follower’s base on TikTok.

Those influencers are worth following for getting more inspiration. They will help you with the trending shots too. If you filmed great video content similar to one of the best influencers, then you have a great chance of going viral on TikTok.

Become An Influencer For Your TikTok Account

On TikTok, you can see many celebrities as influencers; at the same time, many of them have emerged as influencers on TikTok. On TikTok, budding influencers are many; you can get inspired and motivated by them. Always follow the trend set to get quick attention from the audience. When you go after trends, you have more chances of streaming viral on TikTok. That virality helps to bring numerous TikTok views, and many people get attracted by your viral content. Don’t hesitate to stick with new updates of TikTok and be the first to follow the new arrivals.

5. Maintain Short Videos

You can post video content within 60 seconds as a rule. But the average video recommended length is only 9-15 seconds; it’s because the TikTok user’s attention is concise. If you create extensive video content, viewers skip your video content, and you tend to lose many potential followers.

If people like and watch your entire content, then TikTok reaches your content to a broader audience.

Did you know? The average time spent to make people get attracted by video is very short. If your video is too long, it encourages people to skip over it without altogether watching it. When people watch your video till the end, then your TikTok reach will automatically increase.

6. Use Famous Songs

It’s a distinct feature from other social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram because music and songs play a vital role in everyone’s TikTok content.

Place popular songs and music to your TikTok content; then, it is easy for the viewers to remember your content and recognize it. If your content song is more famous, then the platform features it quickly on the home screen. It results in massive traffic because of the favorite song you have used.

TikTok is different from platforms like Twitter, Facebook, it’s full of music and songs wrapped in every content. When you use popular songs on your video, it will gain instant attention and get noticed by a large number of people. Moreover, you have plenty of chances to go viral with your content on TikTok.

What is excellent about popular songs is you can obtain lots of traffic, and your account will get featured on the feature page. It will increase your TikTok views and reach.

7. Use Famous Hashtags

You can get a better reach on the platform by using trending hashtags on your content. You can select a trending hashtag from any online hashtag generator tool or search for it on TikTok. Just like Instagram, the platform shows you how famous it is, which makes you decide whether to use it or not.

Hashtags are the best way to make your video familiar with your audience. It is the mandatory tool that every social media has used for getting famous and recognition. It is essential to add popular and trending hashtags to your content. Make sure your hashtags blend with your video. You can find trending hashtags on search bars, or you can make use of tools.

If you are advertising any brands or products, you can use the hashtag challenge to make your brand or product via hashtag challenge. While creating a hashtag challenge, plan it according to your audience preference, and it must promote your brand. Your Hashtags must be short and catchy before picking hashtags to research popularity and people’s usage. At the same time, you must go with other popular hashtags challenges to get your TikTok account famous.

8. Schedule Your Post Properly

It’s always good to develop cool video content, but if you didn’t choose the right time to upload it, your content would suffer for the platform’s reach. The perfect time varies based on your timezone and the day that you are active on TikTok.

Of Course, it’s vital to construct engaging content, but it’s imperative to post at the right time. It helps to raise your video life span with your audience. It is tough to predict your content’s best time because it depends on audience region, interest, gender, and more. To find the best time, try to know your audience. Check TikTok analytics to know more details about your audience.

The primary move is to catch where the majority audience is located. For instance, if your targeted audiences are from France, you need to follow France’s time zone. You can get all the analytics through upgrading to a pro account for free.

9. Go Live On TikTok

You can live stream with your fans once you have crossed the 1k TikTok followers. Your fans will be notified when you go live on the platform. It’s an excellent move to recognize your brand or business to the audience quickly.

Go Live On TikTok

10. Spread Your Videos

You should share your TikTok video content to other social media networks to grab more viewers to your content. Cross-promotion is an excellent way to build TikTok likes for your content and grow your account. When you do so, a lot of people watch your TikTok videos, and they might turn into your potential followers. And also adding up your followers count through Bouxtie TikTok followers is an excellent way to increase your chances of going viral and bringing massive traffic to your TikTok content.

Follow Other Accounts

On TikTok, you may find many top accounts, influencers that belong to or are related to your industry. Try to follow their accounts, interact with them. You can communicate with them directly, or through their content, you can interact with them. By doing this, you can network with them, and you also gain lots of new contacts. It helps to grow your account; it will provide widespread reach for your account.

11. Create Engaging Thumbnails

Your content thumbnail is the first thing your viewers see when they scroll through your video content. If it is more appealing, then many users tend to click on it to watch it out.

12. Be Consistent

Consistency is a significant part of TikTok success. To make your profile busy, you need to upload content regularly. Try to upload video content every day, and you should follow the same theme to stay consistent.

Connect With Your Followers

Maintain a strong relationship with your followers; whenever it’s possible, try to interact with them. Respond to your audience’s question, give instant replies. You can also follow new people who are interested in your field or content. If you engage with their video, leave your comment with your account name, they may also follow your account. It helps to grow your TikTok followers count. If you’re wanting to increase your followers count on TikTok to boost your profile and exposure, then you might want to look at trying to buy TikTok followers that can help you grow your account right from the get-go.

When you reach 1k followers on TikTok, you can do live dreams with your followers. Doing live videos is an excellent method to attach to your followers still more deeply. When you start to live, your followers will automatically be notified, and that alert will stay there till you are not live anymore. This method will always remind people; through live video, you can build up bonds with them.

13. Frequently Notice FYP

If you want to know the current trends, you frequently need to monitor the FYP(For You Page). It is best to observe it twice a day to grab the top trending content.

Keep An Eye On Viral Challenges 

One of the current practices or strategies that is being followed by all TikTok users is to adapt to viral challenges. Daily, you have come across many viral challenges on TikTok. If you want to make your account well-known, then take part in viral challenges suitable for your accounts.

When you spot any viral challenges, try to recreate it immediately. While playing others’ videos, try to show your originality and uniqueness for your account. Also, you can make your account feature.

14. Bring Your Unique Challenge

If you think that current trends or challenges don’t fit your niche or industry, then it’s time to bring your own challenge. It’s the perfect way to develop your business or brand on TikTok. It raises your social identity and gains high credibility.

15. Pick a Perfect CTA

Adding an attractive CTA(Call To Action) at the end of your TikTok video content brings more traffic to your content. If you do this correctly, you will receive more engagement to your stunning content.

Summing Up

These are the smart strategies to upgrade your TikTok account in the upcoming years. It seems to be difficult at first, but if you learn all the ropes, it is easy to step up your engagement level.

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