6 Types of Chatbots that will Solve your Business Problems

Chatbots brought a revolution in the way customers and brands interact with each other. According to Forbes, 70% of Millennials reported having positive experiences due to chatbots. 57% of businesses agree that chatbots are able to deliver a larger ROI with almost no effort. 90% of businesses reported quicker complaint resolution with chatbots. Gartner predicts that by 2021, more than 50% of businesses will invest more annually in chatbot development than conventional mobile app development.


Companies, irrespective of their industry, use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their customer journey and the customer benefits are being delivered in turn. Companies are making the most out of chatbots. Chatbots act as a customer service agent that is available 24/7. Chatbot development can also be used to simplify the way companies connect with their customers.

Different Types of Chatbots and Uses (H1)

#1: Scripted/Quick Reply Chatbots

A Scripted Chatbot is the one whose interaction with customers is based on pre-defined knowledge and technical capabilities that can appropriately respond only to definitive instructions. In this case, the queries customers have need to be in sync with the programmed language in the bot.

#2: NLP Chatbots

Chatbots are considered as one of the largest applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI). At the crux, it resorts to an AI technology which is Natural Language Processing (NLP) to elevate user input (voice and text) to an intent. Natural Language Processing Chatbots differentiate the messages and then decipher the language to achieve variables to an answer.

#3: Service/Action Chatbots

Service Chatbots demand for significant information from the customer to take a clear-cut action or to complete the request of the customer. Service or Action Chatbots are majorly used in the airline sector as it helps customers with their flight bookings, cost of their tickets, or check the flight status as well.

#4: Social Messaging Chatbots

Social Messaging Chatbots are integrated into a specific social media messaging application like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. They make the interaction with the bots easier for their customers making it feel like talking to their friends.

#5: Context Enabled Chatbots

Context Enabled Chatbots are the most advanced type of conversational bots. They use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to commemorate past conversations that happened with specific customers in order to learn and develop with time. Context Enabled Chatbots to learn from their experience with the customers. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant are fine examples of Context Enabled Chatbots.

#6: Voice-Enabled Chatbotsu

Voice-Enabled Chatbots are designed to create personalized experiences for customers, like Siri and Alexa. They obtain user input via voice, take an action upon that, resolve their queries, and execute creative tasks. Businesses are starting to develop their own Voice Enabled Chatbots by utilizing text-to-speech (TTT) and voice recognition APIs.

Chatbots Business Roles

It is always advisable you pre-define the role of your chatbot, measure up the value, and see if the existing services are better than the role you are assigning to your chatbot. Chatbot development in your business can solve a lot of issues, increase customer engagement, and also improve internal communication among your employees. Starting chatbot development is the correct decision to make.

There are 6 roles chatbot development services can fit into:

  • Sales bot
  • Lead generator
  • Interface
  • Informant
  • Assistant
  • Psychologist

Sales Bot

Sales chatbot is culpable for increasing your sales. It functions in multiple ways like it could use the correct service or good your customer requires, make a payment, even create an invoice, it can track orders, or handle cross-selling. This chatbot development can help in various ways to grow your business.

Lead Generator

Lead generator chatbots generate leads for your CRM system. Its main goal is to assemble your target audience in one place and turn them into your clients. It could function as an informant to your target audience by offering services like making an appointment, generating a loyalty card, etc.

For the business owner, it assembles all the important information that could be used for advertising campaigns. It helps keep the specific audience interested in your services.


This particular chatbot will act as an interface for engagement with your clients. It gives access to several system functions by accepting and altering the information that further integrates with the services of your company via the API while passing forward the assembled information to separate the altered results.


This chatbot development services inform the customers of your existing services by making the data search easy and fast. It could accumulate information from various sources and organize push notifications to customers about changes in your available services. This is one of the most alluring options for a business.


This one is quite self-explanatory. This specific chatbot helps in assisting the customers as this too makes the data search easy and fast. It gathers information on various topics and helps customers choose their interested services. It also notifies your customers about the new development in your services and guides them to your website.


It acts as a psychologist as its main feature is a conversation with your customers. It observes the mood of your customer, problems, and provides ways that are yours to neglect the stress. It talks customers out of attempting suicide, and suggests appropriate specialist, bringing in new customers to psychologists.

Planning to integrate chatbot development into your business?

Stats show the right type of chatbot is one of the best values you can provide your customer with, it makes them satisfied in order for you to make a quick profit in your business.

Chatbots take complete advantage of chat mediums, like SMS text, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), website chat windows, and instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, WeChat) to receive and reply to the messages. Your choice of the right chatbot for your business will depend on several factors like the size of your business, your customer base, and the reason you are deploying chatbot development.

For instant chatbot development, you can opt for existing bots such as Chatfuel, wit.ai, API.ai. Even though these options work great for customer engagement, they have their limitations as to how much they can help your customers with. If you wish to integrate over the top functions in your chatbot, the advice would be to go for custom chatbot development services.

Chatbots are easy to implement technology that saves time and resources. They can resolve any fundamental issues your business might be facing by seeking appropriate information and aggregating real-time answers to your customers’ questions.

Chatbots are a one-time investment for your business that will give you returns for a long time, it will help you reduce manpower. You can integrate chatbot development into your business to cater to simple queries from your customers. Like humans, even chatbots are starting to react to users based on their moods.


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