9 Things To Ask About Your Assignment Before You Start Doing It

When your instructor gives you assignment tasks, it only means that he/she is trying to assess your level of understanding of the course material to give you an appropriate grade. Your assignment answer will help the teacher understand how well-versed you are on the subject. Assignments are designed specifically to improve your learning experience. Each assignment comes with specific requirements. This is why it is so important to become thorough with the demands and expectations of each assignment. The key is first to read the question of essay writings. Reading the assignment question should be your first step.

Some assignment questions may look simple or straightforward in the beginning, but once you proceed with the assignment task, you might face several confusions in mind. If you lack clarity on certain things, you will never be able to successfully write a well-structured essay.

Here are the 9 things to confirm before starting to write essays:

1. What is the purpose of the essay?

What is the purpose of the essay

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Understanding the purpose of essay writing is the key to write an A grade essay.

If you are not clear on the essay topic, make sure you get it clarified from your teacher. If you lack clarity, you will not understand what specific points you need to focus on in your overall essay writing. It is easier to write when you know the true purpose of your essay topic.

2. What is the due date of the essay submission?

essay submission

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Knowing the exact deadline will keep you moving towards completing the essay on time. If you are not sure about the deadline, you will feel more lenient. Panicking just before the day of submission will only hamper the overall quality of the essay paper. So instead, get to know the deadline at an earlier stage so that you can plan accordingly.

3. Who are the readers of my essay?

Identifying the type of audience will help you set the right tone for your essay writing. Your essay should directly refer to the audience. The whole essay should be built by keeping the readers in mind. Generally, the audience for assignment writings is teachers/professors. By keeping the audience in mind, you will have to decide what materials you should include in the essay writing. You will have to determine the interest and their level of knowledge in the essay topic if you intend to compose essays like a professional essay writer. When you are composing your essay topic, consider the audience to be your best friend.

Who are the readers of my essay

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Here are a few questions you must ask yourself:

  • Who is the general audience should be for your essay?
  • How to capture the reader’s mind?
  • What will be the best part of my essay?

4. What are the expectations of the readers?

It is essential to know the readers’ specific demands if you intend to write a comprehensive essay. Instead of knowing the exact requirements, you will not make all the particular points in your essay writings. Just ask your instructor what they are looking for in the essay. They will tell you in short what points they want your essay to cover.

5. What kind of evidence should you add to the essay?

There are several types of evidence existing in your essay content. The type of evidence you choose for your essays depends on the parameters of the assignments, the discipline and your instructor’s reference.

The type of your assignment will tell if you require to conduct your own experiment, use statistics, add historical examples or if you can rely on your personal experience.

Evidence will be a crucial part of your essay paper. Consider confirming with the readers of the specific types of ideas or materials to include as evidence. Ask them what counts as acceptable evidence. No matter what evidence you should pick, you must cite them properly.

6. What format we need to follow?

Different formatting styles are applied for different types of assignments. It also depends on the type of academic paper you are asked to write. Since different essays come in different formats, it can be confusing what type of formatting style you should use. Thus, you must ask the instructor who is in charge of the assignment about the type of format you are required to follow. Even if you have created a well-composed essay, but the format is wrong, you may lose your valuable grades.

7. What research approach you should consider?

What research approach you should consider

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Understanding the research approach is another valuable question a student needs to ask before writing an essay paper. Generally, there are three common approaches to conduct research – qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. It is important to get a confirmation on what research approach you should undertake. It will help you anticipate the type of data needed to respond to the research question.

8. What should be the total word count of the essay paper?

The length of the essay matters a lot because writing more or less than the specified word limit can make you lose grades. Before you start writing essays, make a plan for your essay as per the word limit is specified to you. It will help you understand how much you should write in each paragraph. However, your teacher/professor can excuse a certain number of word limit. Make sure you clarify the exact detail from your teacher/professor.

9. What associating reports you can submit?

Another common question before writing assignments is what associating reports need to be submitted. Students are often asked to submit to present a proof that they have not copied their assignment from anywhere. You must confirm from your teacher whether you need to submit plagiarism, Turnitin or Grammarly report. Teachers usually ask to send the report along with the original document to verify that the essay paper is genuine and accurate.

Wrapping up, 

Only your teacher/professor can clarify the doubts you may have about the essay topic. You can write your essay paper smoothly without getting stuck in the middle only after clarifying the purpose and other requirements of your essay paper. Instead of covering a broad area of the topic, learn the points where you need to focus. Your teacher/professor will be impressed after finding the materials they had been looking for in essay writings.

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