Best Platforms for App Development in 2020

Best Platforms for App Development

Do you want to carry out the development of an App without programming code? Read carefully,  in this blog post; we have shown the best App platforms to create your own App for yourself in a simple and cheap way.

What is an App platform, and what does it consist of?

An App platform is a web framework whose purpose is the creation and development of the application structure completely through its multiple design and development options that also allow focusing on specific aspects of it, depending on each service.

They are also known as application generators, application creators, application publishers, or web portals for App development.

Why create an application for your business?

Currently, thousands of companies and professionals in both the online and offline sectors are already competing in this new market, since every day it is more important to have not only a web page but also an App that facilitates and helps their customers to meet the objectives they have planned for them, also providing a differential added value compared to the rest of their competition.

And it is that a large percentage of searches that are performed today comes from mobile devices. So if you offer a good mobile application that improves your visibility and user experience, you will have enough possibilities to obtain higher sales and, therefore the increase in the benefits of those you originally planned.

This is largely due to the policy that Google is carrying out regarding the prioritization of mobile websites over desktop websites and the change in search results based on whether they are carried out through mobile devices. or desktop.

Why create applications with an App platform?

The problem is that many times, there is not enough investment available to undertake this type of project, and it is difficult to do it yourself.

Therefore, it is advisable to use App platforms to carry out this type of projects quickly and easily without spending large amounts of money and without knowing how to program, to test its operation and functionality with respect to users and the potential that can have if a design and professional development of guarantees is carried out later with the idea of App that you have developed (since although they are very successful, you will never get the results offered by an App development agency).

That is to say, that the App platforms are ideal to give you an idea of how to carry out an App development for any type of present and future project (as a demo) and test those ideas and functions that can be useful for users and in many cases, until the application is created you cannot know or know its real dimension and usefulness.

This is because the App platforms offer multiple options such as App testing tools, design and distribution options, monetization and promotion of the App, ASO positioning options, and services …

In addition, they can be a great opportunity to learn about the complicated world of development and design and who knows whether to set up or start a business selling comprehensive computer solutions.

For all these questions, we have made the following list or enumeration with the best App platforms to create your own applications easily and easily. I assure you that with these App platforms, you will not have any problem to create a simple and useful App for your business and customers.

Google Inventor App 2

App Inventor is an App software development environment created by Google Labs that allows the creation of Android applications visually, intuitively, and completely thanks to the tools it incorporates by linking a series of blocks to create the application.

The only downside is that the tools are quite basic and are quite limited for a professional App design and development environment, such as the App creation agencies have.


It is one of the best web tools to create native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone operating systems without knowing the programming language.

  • It helps you to create all kinds of Apps for:
  • Earn money from home.
  • To manage your business.
  • For Startups ( turn your blog or eCommerce into App ).
  • For other businesses and customers, etc.

Mobincube is a very simple framework to use and offers a large number of customization options to create an App completely adapted to your expectations, needs, and tastes.

You just have to add the different screens to your App with the elements and widgets you choose (texts, images, social networks, videos, etc.). You can set actions on the elements so that users interact with the App and manage the contents and alerts, among many other options.

If you don’t know where to start, you can use one of our 100% customizable assisted templates.


GoodBarber is a platform for the development of native mobile applications for all mobile devices and operating systems because it offers the possibility of creating Web Apps by creating applications that have functions that use the hardware of iOS devices, Android, etc.

Also, this application generator also allows you to make Web Apps without knowing code. These types of Apps are very practical and popular since, as we know, not all devices are necessarily Android or iOS. This is because they adapt and base their operation on the web browser of each platform. In addition, it is a very comfortable option for its management since for its update it is not necessary to distribute and install software to thousands of users, which is an advantage since many of them sometimes do not want to continue downloading updates due to lack of space or laziness.


It is a system very similar to  Visual Basic, so its use is quite intuitive, and it will be very simple if you were using it.

Velneo, is one of the complete online web design and development platforms in the market since it covers the entire development cycle thanks to its multiple options for monetization, management, updating, data analysis (databases extracted from App users …)

It is a very useful application generator thanks to its visual programming and the efficiency and practicality of its Tools (very visual) through which you will be able to create, develop, implement and maintain applications and business management software quickly and simply.


In my humble opinion, it is the simplest and most intuitive of all the App platforms on the list, since just by putting your data, create an App in a matter of seconds, which you can customize in a limited but quite effective way in minutes.

The Swiftic application builder offers you the most innovative solution to easily create applications for Android and iOS mobile devices and a quality mobile version of your website in a very intuitive and fast way.


Blanggo is an online App platform that offers, like the ones mentioned above, a high-quality Native and Web application creation service at low cost for anyone without the need for code and programming knowledge.

It is based on a web portal that allows you to carry out the entire process of designing and developing a professional App. It is one of the reseller systems/programs for Apps par excellence.

If you plan to have your own business in the mobile application development and design sector or earn extra money by developing Apps for other people or companies, Blanggo offers the option of conducting a “turnkey” business of applications for Apple’s Smartphone and Tablet, Android and Amazon, that is to say, on-demand applications that you later sell fully designed, developed and tested, allowing you to publish unlimited applications and Set your own prices and margins with your Business Plan.


Ohlalapps is one of the best App platforms with the Reseller system on the market. Thanks to its White Label program, you can easily create Apps to sell to other companies and customers.

It is the most specialized App platform in this regard, and as in the rest of the cases, it is not necessary to know code to create an application.

The creation process is simple since they provide and provide you with all kinds of technical information and knowledge so that you can carry out any App development that you propose. Your technical support service will also help you get started with your Apps sales business.

This is one of the platforms and semi-free Apps (you do not pay until you get your first customer) more powerful in the market to reseller and does not need complex records with unnecessary data (for example, it does not require including a credit card).

In addition, you can also bill more by offering and selling all the additional services of this App creator.


I hope this list has been useful to compare and choose the platform that best suits your needs and the project or projects you want to launch for the creation of your App or the creation of applications for your customers.

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