Database Creation and Management – How Can You Handle It Well for Social Networking Websites?

It is possible to mint money on the internet because numerous companies and individuals have done it. Furthermore, there should be no reason why you too cannot make it. Just imagine the humble beginning of Facebook and Twitter that run billions of dollars of Business Empires today. It does not always require launching large online establishments to make money online like the e-commerce websites. A simple blog site, review website or social media-networking website is equally capable of spinning money, provided you know how to use it for moneymaking. There is enough evidence around us of people using the social media platforms to make good money. The path-breaking success of Facebook should be inspirational enough to rely on the powers of the social media to make money. Having a social networking site of your own is all that you need to start the process.

Right idea and excellent execution spells success

Just setting up a social media-networking website will not bring you success unless you have a realistic understanding of how you want to use it for making money. You must have a proper plan of the website usage and the blueprint for generating revenues besides lining up the resources necessary to execute the plan well. Only when you can roll out the right idea and implement it deftly with a well thought out plan that you can expect to meet success.

Reliable database structure

If you want to convert your plan of making money from the social media platform, it is not enough to only create an attractive website because you need an excellent database to support the moneymaking activities.Setting up a database is the work of professionals that companies like can handle efficiently. There are several issues for consideration including the number of users, which is very important. If you envisage a large user base that can run into many thousands then thinking about a MySQL database would be justified. However, this is just one of the many aspects of database and close at its heels come other things that you have to consider.  The architecture of the design decides the capabilities of the database.

Professional service in creating database

Entrusting professionals with the job of database creation, administration, and maintenance is the standard practice that you must follow because only trained professionals can handle issues related to database architecture that can be very complex. Moreover, creating database is not cheap, and if not done the first time correctly, it could only escalate the cost. The process of creating the database architecture gets much more complicated if you have to do corrections subsequently.

Common database features

Not only social media websites but all websites, regardless of their type, also have databases that come with some standard features.

  • The database must have a robust backup and recovery system in place so that if for any reason the database is damaged or becomes inaccessible, it would be possible to recover the entire data. Once again, you must take help of IT experts to suggest and implement a robust backup system for the database.
  • Determining the capacity of the database is a critical issue because social media networking websites attract heavy traffic and the database should be equipped to handle it. As the site attracts more traffic than before, more data passes on to the database, for which determining the size and considering its scalability are crucial to support your monetizing ambitions. The database has to operate smoothly so that there are no issues with the traffic coming to the website.
  • To look after the database round the clock so that it operates flawlessly, appoint a professional database administrator who becomes the custodian of the database and takes responsibility for its smooth functioning. Downtime of the website is the last thing that you would want.

Salient features of social media database

While the database features discussed above are standard for all kinds of websites, we will now look into the features related performance, scalability and fault tolerance of social media websites.

Performance – How well the database is performing depends on the response times. The technique of caching works well to reduce the response time that end users experience. Although caching has its limitations, by far it is the best option to improve database performance.

Scalability – The feature that determines the number of users that the site can handle simultaneously is its scalability and expressed in terms of requests per second.

Fault tolerance – The more the database can tolerate faults lesser will be the stoppages it faces due to errors occurring within. The higher the fault tolerance, smoother is the working of the database.

How much money you can make from social media websites depends on how well the database handles the traffic flow to ensure that the site is always up and running.

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