Microsoft Dynamics Family Offers You with the Digital Intelligence to Scale up Your Business!

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics product has been honored as the most valuable technical assets which result in the betterment of a company’s overall operations. Be it the most advanced and highly popular Dynamics Customer Relationship Management Tools or the tremendously efficient Dynamics AX, which is basically an Enterprise Resource Planning software, almost all the products that fall under the Dynamics Family have set the standards high for their competitors. The product range of Dynamics is aimed at helping the companies enhance the quality and productiveness of their functions.

When we talk about the Dynamics CRM, and its latest edition which is the Dynamics 365, it has already gained a lot of popularity in the market due its advanced, high-tech features. The CRM is designed by Microsoft to offer a world-class experience to the clients. Almost every organization understands and appreciates the value of their clients and customers. And, this CRM solution enables the organizations to not only maintain the customer relationships but to nurture them as well. Dynamics 365 is one of the most adopted and highly recommended CRM tool in the market as it is contains almost all the necessary features which a firm needs. Starting from the ease of communicating with the customers to generating useful reports which are beneficial for the customer support team leads, Microsoft Dynamics 365 truly empowers the customer support wing!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not just a CRM tool, but it contains specific sections for the sales and marketing teams as well. It helps the teams to curate attractive email marketing, and several other campaigns. Not just that, it even allows the reps to track the performance of the campaigns. Plus, the sales team get a lot of benefit by using this software as they get an opportunity to not only record the leads, but to make use of the very smart lead scoring system as well. This lead scoring features allows the sales executives to find out the most lucrative leads, and thus, they can strategize ways to attract, and convert them.

This was about the Dynamics 365 version which contains CRM, marketing and sales functionalities, but you would be surprised to know that the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 (one of the plans) offers the ERP functionalities as well. Basically, Microsoft Dynamics AX is ow integrated into Dynamics 365, and it has got a new name which is ‘Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations.

Microsoft Dynamics AX as we know is a dedicated ERP solution offered by Microsoft. It has been there in the market since quite a few years now and has been giving a tough competition to the competitors. Microsoft has been evolving the software and adding new things to it almost regularly, which has resulted in its increased growth and expansion. And, now, they have integrated it in their CRM solution. This integration implies that companies can now only opt for a specific Microsoft Dynamics 365 plan which includes ERP, and they can make use of both the CRM and ERP functionalities together.

Microsoft has taken this step to empower the organizations to make quick, informed decisions. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (latest version of Dynamics AX) helps businesses adapt rapidly to transforming market demands and steer business growth. The Dynamics AX functionality is an essential part of this Dynamics 365 solution which is devised organizations with more than 250 users. Microsoft is basically trying to use the Dynamics 365 brand to club the CRM and ERP functionality – in amalgamation with Power BI, Office 365, and some of the other solutions as well. This is a fantastic way to offer a unified experience thru various business processes.

Therefore, people who have loved the Dynamics CRM and its functionalities and were not using Microsoft Dynamics AX may give the ERP tool a try as well. And, people who were using only the Dynamics AX version may want to try up the CRM solution as well. In a way, Microsoft is not only enhancing its offerings, but it is also transforming the CRM and ERP industry in a very fine manner. Now, more companies will try to come up with collaborated solutions, which offer CRM, sales, marketing, finance and operations functionalities together. In fact, this has benefited the corporate sector is a great way as more and more companies would like to go for this seamless experience, and this will result in better outcomes and more productivity for sure!

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