Is it Possible to Recover Encrypted Files from Hard Drive?

Most institutions and businesses are using some type of encryption to protect sensitive information such as payment databases, email archives, etc. The encryption tools and techniques, ranging from Encrypting File System, Permissions, and Encryption software utilities have greatly improved the security. But, on the contrast, none ensures a complete safeguard from data access issues. Despite the success, data loss cases are still possible. In such situations, the dire need is only Encrypted Files Recovery.

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Encrypted Files Recovery

Is it Possible to Recover Encrypted Files from Hard Drive?



Encrypted Files Recovery from Hard Drive

Like the two flips of coins, Encrypted Files Recovery has two approaches of getting data back—Built-in Utility and Third-party Data Recovery Software. Depending on needs and preferences, select a viable option to recover encrypted file from hard drive.

1. Using Windows operating systems Built-in Feature—Shadow Copies

This feature is compatible with all windows operating systems higher than Windows XP.


A step-by-step guide to using this feature to recover encrypted files from hard drive is as follows:

  • Go to Computer Management
  • Right-click Shared Folders under the console tree
  • Select All Tasks followed by Configure Shadow Copies
  • Choose the desired volume where there is a need to enable Shadow Copies
  • Click Enable
  • Run Shadow Copies
  • Select the drive
  • Identify the data that needs recovery



  • Right-click on the desired folder
  • Click on the Export option to export files






Note: The method works efficiently on encrypted files affected by ransomware (excluding host infected directly)

2. Third-Party Data Recovery Tool

Software-directed, the approach is comparatively more intuitive as a whole. Prerequisite for this is a reliable and dependable data recovery software like Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Home. This Encrypted Files Recovery tool ensures recovery from internal/external hard disk, removable media, and much more. However, the only prediction is encryption password availability to decrypt the files.

Systematic Approach to Recover Encrypted Files are as follows:

Step 1: Launch the software

Step 2: Select the desired data type of Encrypted files

Step 3: Select the location of encrypted files

Step 4: Click Scan

Step 5: Checkmarkdesiredfilesenlisted in Tabbed view of scanned Tree

Step 6: Click Recover

Step 7: Specify the desired destination and click Start Saving to save.

Why Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Home is an Ideal software for Encrypted Files?

Plus Knowledge:

The Windows Data Recovery also assists in following scenarios:


Value-added Points to Ponder:

Possible Factors that lead to Encrypted Files Deletion

  • Bad Sectors
  • Header Issues
  • Virus Attack
  • Data Corruption
  • Accidental Overwrite
  • Accidental File /Partition Deletion

In Summation

Encrypting data is like building a wall between system and intruders or everyone else who is not you. However, the point to take into account is nothing (including encryption) can keep your files 100%protected from unforeseen actions. Thus, keep a tab on how to recover encrypted files from hard drive to bid adieu to the unwelcome situation—Encrypted Files Inaccessibility with great ease. All the best!

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