The Beginner’s Guide to Build a Brand using Social Media

Want to build a brand using social media_ Read on!

Brand building is a never-ending process which defines your company’s position in the market. Practicing a successful brand building process considerably increases your sales and also promotes your brand.

Especially startups should be clear with the fact that brand building is a crucial part which can’t be ignored. It requires a considerable amount of patience, time, consistency, and a lot of creativity. Every leading brand is at the top because of their constant hard work to gain consumer trust and reputation.

However, with the changing time, ways of brand building have also changed. It won’t be wrong to say that now is the time of social media branding. With the help of these amazing social media channels, it has become easy to create product awareness amongst the audience. Social media is a blessing for startups as they can easily create their own identity amongst the audience amidst the budget crunch.

Although branding via social media is undoubtedly a straightforward and cost-effective process, the difficult part is to set it apart from others using social media. This article includes some important points that should be followed to fetch desired branding results.

Here’s the Ultimate Guide To Build A Brand Using Social Media:

Ultimate Guide To Build A Brand Using Social Media

  1. Utilize all platforms

Firstly, don’t commit the usual mistake that majority brands are making, ie of restricting themselves to a particular channel. Explore every aspect of the social media world to become visible to prospective buyers. Just being active on a specific social media channel doesn’t mean your audience is also active on that channel. Therefore, it is necessary to create a brand profile on every known social media channel like – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Doing so has an additional advantage, this wide presence over social media portrays you as a trusted and loyal brand to the audience.

But again, utilizing all platforms doesn’t mean wasting your time posting on those social media sites that are irrelevant to your brand. For instance, if your brand promotes online shopping then posting on sites like LinkedIn is not a good idea. Instead, posting on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook will attract a more relevant audience.

  1. Self-descriptive logo

The logo is an essential part of marketing and the first impression of your brand. Your social media branding can also get affected because your every post consist of the brand logo along with the content that you create and upload. It is a visual identity of any brand for the clients.

While creating a logo you should not just concentrate on its artistic beauty but intellect quotient which is equally important. Also, check that your logo is in sync with your brand’s ideology.

Your brand logo should stand for its purpose clearly. Nowadays online logo maker tools are becoming popular. One of which is Canva logo maker tool that helps you customize your brand logo easily. This designing tool will not only help you to make a logo but, can be used for all of your designing needs.

  1. Pay attention to post timing and content

Many brands often ignore factors like timing but it matters a lot that when and what is to be posted. People think social media branding does not need much observation and analysis. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s wrong. In fact, many brands lose their followers due to such negligence. Always remember that posting relevant content that interests and benefits your audience is extremely necessary.

Experimenting is the key for building a brand on social media. The more you experiment with post timings and content, the better results you get. You need to be patient as well as constant with your posts. Your audience should hear from you constantly, there should not be any break or gap.

Content that you post on social media should not be offensive in any manner. Since nobody wants to get popular for any negative or wrong reason. Connecting and humorous content is what makes your audience go gaga. Post only that type of content which you think your audience will enjoy and share.

There are a few things should always be considered while posting and that is:

  • Post content at that time when your users are most active. Use tools like Google Analytics to get the details.
  • Avoid posting too frequently. Yes, being active is important but you can’t lose quality in order to maintain the quantity. One highly optimized post is far better than ten unoptimized random posts. So, make sure everything that you post, must have the potential to grab eyeballs. Only this way your social media posts will be able to connect with the target audience.
  1. Relatable and connecting to the audience

Corporate talk is clear NO when it comes to your social media interaction. It is recommended to keep conversations amongst followers as personalized and flowy as possible.

Firstly, reply to your followers promptly against the inquiry, complaint, or review. Second, try to make your conversation humorous and casual. Following all these points will make your brand a personality. Giving a little personal touch to the conversations with your audience never harms.

Remember, don’t go too far to maintain a good brand image on social media. As many times brand do this big mistake of deleting any negative comment by the audience. If you do the same, stop doing it, try to look for the mistake and help your customers with the same. Doing so will create a positive image of your brand amongst the audience.

I hope these points helped you understand how you can build your brand using social media. In case of any doubt related to the above topic, do let us know through your comments below. Happy Branding!


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